Music of Mine

Here are four tracks I recorded in the past two days, plus one from before.

First is the old song “Fox on the Run”. I found it through local Austin country legend Dale Watson, who does a rippin version. I played guitar, mandolin, banjo, washtub bass, and three vocal tracks for this!

Second is a cover of a song that Stephen Merritt and the Magnetic Fields do called “Two Characters in Search of a Country Song”

Next is on original song of mine called “Finally Coming in From the Rain.” It was written post-Telluride Bluegrass fest last year and speaks about the power up the high country gives me, and a little bit about love maybe.

And this one is “Ginseng Sullivan” which I heard from Mr. Norman Blake. I think I did three vocal tracks on this.

And finally an experimental dance number called “Always in the Way” I made it on garage band with all software instruments and loops.

~ by elliotsiff on May 21, 2011.

One Response to “Music of Mine”

  1. tip tapping my toes listening to your rippin version of fox on the run! great blog brother!

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