New Zealand Part 1

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This is the first installment of my photos taken while traveling New Zealand during after graduating from the University of Colorado. The small south island, where I spent 6 months, surprised me everywhere I went with unfamiliar, dramatic, beautiful, raw landscapes. This photo set features shots from the Ben Lomond Summit trail near Queenstown, the Fiordlands, Dunedin, Sandfly Beach, and Nugget Point. The Ben Lomond Summit is still the hike that has made me the most sore to date. I almost got job on one of the classy tour boats in Fiordlands and did get a nice free ride though the narrow inlet boxed in by massive and steep peaks. Sandfly beach familiarized me with what fantastic beaches in the country can feature: sand dunes, sea lions, island-rock-mountains, and cool sunsets among other things. From the sign at Nugget Point I learned that it is unique as the only mainland spot where sea lions, elephant seals and fur seals coexist. Then I walked to the ledge and saw the different types sunning or swimming around clearly for myself. Nugget Point is home to many special seabirds and penguins too.

MANY more NZ pictures to come.

~ by elliotsiff on May 31, 2011.

One Response to “New Zealand Part 1”

  1. nice shots of especially water…looks like new zealand is as i have alsways imagined it… beautiful! such young mountains remind me of the cascades in washington. how cool that you got to spend 6 months there

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