Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Steam Train

During my San Miguel bike tour this summer I decided that it would be ok for me to take advantage of a unique opportunity that followed my route. So, the day I left for my 200+ mile bike-camping journey was the day that I became sick as a dog. A cold I guess. This made the decision for day three easy. I already did a 68 mile and a 55 mile day, so why not take the rare opportunity to ride on and old-fashioned steam train three and a half hours up thousands of feet and through some very remote backcountry? I had no objections and jumped on. They even attached a special box car just for my bike. From the top of the tracks in Silverton I continued up Red Mountain Pass, something like 3000 feet in 10 miles getting up to 7.5% inclines, before descending down the impressive and dangerous Million Dollar highway. Expect a video of the bike tour and train ride in the near future, until then here are some photos I took of the D&SNG Steam Train before we left.

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~ by elliotsiff on June 23, 2011.

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