Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Steam Train

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During my San Miguel bike tour this summer I decided that it would be ok for me to take advantage of a unique opportunity that followed my route. So, the day I left for my 200+ mile bike-camping journey was the day that I became sick as a dog. A cold I guess. This made the decision for day three easy. I already did a 68 mile and a 55 mile day, so why not take the rare opportunity to ride on and old-fashioned steam train three and a half hours up thousands of feet and through some very remote backcountry? I had no objections and jumped on. They even attached a special box car just for my bike. From the top of the tracks in Silverton I continued up Red Mountain Pass, something like 3000 feet in 10 miles getting up to 7.5% inclines, before descending down the impressive and dangerous Million Dollar highway. Expect a video of the bike tour and train ride in the near future, until then here are some photos I took of the D&SNG Steam Train before we left.

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Mesa Verde National Park

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Going to Mesa Verde was a great choice, especially on the solstice when they waive entrance fees. After the snow storm turned to mud in Telluride we had to break down a wet and dirty camp. The plush campground facilities at the National Park gave me a chance to get some laundry done while getting a warm shower and cooking a nice meal.

I spent the first night driving the ling windy roads of the park around sunset deciding where I would like to take pictures the next day. Mesa Verde is like an amusement park where you drive windy, dramatic, cliff-side roads that guide you to an array of short hikes to well preserved archeological sites. Be sure to sign up for a tour or two. Most are only three bucks and they are the only way to get right up into Cliff Palace, The long House, Balcony House and some other spots. You must also plan you time of day for certain cliff dwellings depending on if you and sun or shade for photo purposes.

I was very impressed by the beauty, expanse and archeological value of Mesa Verde. I can’t wait to go back to the Four Corners and explore some of the lesser visited cliff dwellings that litter more remote places such as the Canyon of the Ancients Ntl. Monument appointed by Mr Bill Clinton. I hope you enjoy the photos, I will be writing a longer piece for modernnomad.org in the near future about my trip to Mesa Verde.

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Telluride Balloon Festival

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It is always a treat to arrive in Telluride weeks before the bluegrass festival. This year I was even earlier than usual to prepare for my bike trip (story/video coming soon) and this gave me a chance to wake up at 5.40 am to watch over 15 hot air balloons get assembled and launched. Here are a few of the photos I got of the event. I will have a video in the future as well, I shot some nice time lapses.

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New Zealand Part 1

•May 31, 2011 • 1 Comment

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This is the first installment of my photos taken while traveling New Zealand during after graduating from the University of Colorado. The small south island, where I spent 6 months, surprised me everywhere I went with unfamiliar, dramatic, beautiful, raw landscapes. This photo set features shots from the Ben Lomond Summit trail near Queenstown, the Fiordlands, Dunedin, Sandfly Beach, and Nugget Point. The Ben Lomond Summit is still the hike that has made me the most sore to date. I almost got job on one of the classy tour boats in Fiordlands and did get a nice free ride though the narrow inlet boxed in by massive and steep peaks. Sandfly beach familiarized me with what fantastic beaches in the country can feature: sand dunes, sea lions, island-rock-mountains, and cool sunsets among other things. From the sign at Nugget Point I learned that it is unique as the only mainland spot where sea lions, elephant seals and fur seals coexist. Then I walked to the ledge and saw the different types sunning or swimming around clearly for myself. Nugget Point is home to many special seabirds and penguins too.

MANY more NZ pictures to come.


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There was a wild lightning storm tonight, so I grabbed the camera to try to catch some video of it. Here are the highlights that I will use to make an edited video with music someday soon.

Boulder Sunset Cloud Timelapse

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My first timelapse. More to come I do believe. It only took 15 minutes of filming, the clouds in Colorado can move! And, I must be honest, it got dramatically more intense and colorful after the camera turned off.

Music 2

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ok, some more music to post. I just recorded this banjo jam minutes ago. It is a medley of things I like to do.

And two tracks recorded a bit back. First is a cover of Johnny Cash’s “I Still Miss Someone” and second is the first of a series of tracks I made for a dutch film about a cow painter.

Music of Mine

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Here are four tracks I recorded in the past two days, plus one from before.

First is the old song “Fox on the Run”. I found it through local Austin country legend Dale Watson, who does a rippin version. I played guitar, mandolin, banjo, washtub bass, and three vocal tracks for this!

Second is a cover of a song that Stephen Merritt and the Magnetic Fields do called “Two Characters in Search of a Country Song”

Next is on original song of mine called “Finally Coming in From the Rain.” It was written post-Telluride Bluegrass fest last year and speaks about the power up the high country gives me, and a little bit about love maybe.

And this one is “Ginseng Sullivan” which I heard from Mr. Norman Blake. I think I did three vocal tracks on this.

And finally an experimental dance number called “Always in the Way” I made it on garage band with all software instruments and loops.